The city of Takoma Park has joined a pilot program to test the feasibility of dockless bikeshare in Montgomery County.

The agreement with Montgomery County will allow four companies– Limebike, Mobike, Ofo and Spin–to operate in the city. The companies already had a deal to test the service in Silver Spring.

Montgomery County is observing how the bikeshare programs work and will evaluate whether to expand service into other towns.

The program is being tested at no cost to the county. Montgomery County is the first suburban location in the United States to test dockless bikeshare, which operated without the need for fixed bike stations. Customers instead use a smartphone app to locate a nearby bike with GPS. When a customer is done riding, they simply park it on any publicly-owned land within a designated area. [Here’s the demonstration area for Silver Spring and Takoma Park.]

The District of Columbia is also exploring dockless bikeshare. It is currently allowing companies to demonstrate their capabilities and inviting the public to comment.

Read more about Montgomery County’s dockless bikeshare agreement.

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