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In San Francisco, you can find a JUMP bike through the Uber app.

In San Francisco, you can find a JUMP bike through the Uber app.


What if You Could Hail a Bike Through Uber?

If you’re a fan of dockless bikeshare but don’t want to add another app to your phone, you may approve of a new partnership between Uber and one bike company.

Uber said it struck a deal with JUMP in San Francisco that will allow people to find a dockless bike through the Uber app, according to a report in TechCrunch.

Under the “Uber Bike” agreement, you can use the the Uber app to locate JUMP bikes in San Francisco. Presumably, this would eliminate the need to have a separate JUMP app. It may also give JUMP an edge over other bikesharing companies operating in the city.

The partnership is the first effort by Uber to get involved in bikesharing.

“It fits into this larger vision, we think, that there can be multiple modes of transportation that can be made available through the Uber app,” Uber Head of Transportation Policy and Research Andrew Salzberg told TechCrunch. “There are lot of places where there are many trips that it’s probably going to be quicker and cheaper to hop on a bike. Strategically, it makes a lot of sense for us as business.”

There is no indication yet that Uber will strike a similar partnership in Washington, D.C., but it’s worth noting that JUMP is one of five companies included in a pilot program for dockless bikeshare in the District. JUMP differs from its competitors in that its bikes are battery powered to allow for easier pedaling.

Salzberg told TechCrunch that while the San Francisco deal with JUMP is the only bikeshare arrangement for now, it could lead to others.

“You don’t do a pilot if you don’t have hopes to make it a vision for the future,” he said.


Would you use dockless bikeshare if you could find a bike through Uber?

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