Maryland lawmakers next week are expected to vote in favor of a $167 million funding plan for Metro, bringing it on board with other local jurisdictions and setting up the system to have its first dedicated funding stream in decades.

The money from Maryland, when combined with $154 million from Virginia and $178 million from the District, will give the transit service the additional $500 million it says it needs to perform much-needed capital improvements.

“We’re very pleased to see those final details have been worked out in the legislature,” Doug Mayer, a spokesman for Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan told the Washington Post. “This has been a bipartisan effort from start to finish, and the governor looks forward to signing this into law as soon as possible.”

The federal spending bill signed by President Trump on Friday also includes money for Metro. The feds will reportedly kick in an additional $150 million despite threats from Congress that it would approve only a smaller amount.

The new money from Metro will come at a cost. In Maryland, money is expected to be removed from the state’s transportation trust fund. In Virginia, money is being diverted from other transportation projects, and the District plans to pay for its share through an increase in the sales tax and tax on ridesharing services such as Lyft and Uber.

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