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Commuter Crush

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Commuter Crush is published every Friday, just in time for your unintentional weekend hookups (or while you’re recovering from your debaucherous Thursday night). If you have an interesting story to share, let us know via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us with #commutercrush.


A few years ago on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, traffic was gridlocked in Tysons. It was a combo of regular commuters, holiday travelers, out of town drivers, and last-minute grocery and home decor shoppers. Luckily, two strangers found love among the madness.

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  1. We Want You! Become One of Our Commute Documenters

    ​Help us cover commuting in DC and there might be a little something in it for you.

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  2. Commuter Crush: Getting Her Number in the Nick of Time

    This DC couple learned each other’s ins and outs while commuting on the Metro. How long did it take for him to ask her out?

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  3. iStockPhoto


    Commuter Crush: Uber Hotties

    When Cupid strikes a driver and passenger of the popular ridesharing service.

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  4. Commuter Crush: Barfing Bus Buddies

    ​Missed connections has nothing on this 42 bus nightmare.

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  5. Commuter Crush: A Very Unfortunate Amtrak Ride

    An attractive commuter wearing a business suit sans wedding ring asks her, “Is this seat taken?” All aboard.

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  6. Are dockless bikeshares like dating apps?

    Are dockless bikeshares like dating apps?

    Jeff Wong

    Commuter Crush: How The Dockless Bike Craze is Exactly Like Dating in DC

    What’s more frustrating: Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Zoosk? Or Lime Bike, Mobike, Ofo and Jump Bike?

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  7. A Hyperloop electric skate would carry 8-16 passengers.

    A Hyperloop electric skate would carry 8-16 passengers.

    The Boring Company

    Commuter Crush: How Hyperloop Hype Mirrors First Date Hope

    The high-speed vacuum tube transit experiment seems as ideal as the date with cute dimples and kind eyes. Then reality may set in and, turns out, they’re a real asshole.

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  8. This cougar can’t be tamed. Even on the Red Line.

    This cougar can't be tamed. Even on the Red Line.

    Wikimedia Commons

    Commuter Crush: Metro Cougar

    Kat (pun intended) is stuck in a Red Line train (shocker) and she makes eye contact with the blue-eyed hottie across the car. Can our heroine get his attention (and digits) before they start moving again?

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  9. Head over heels on two wheels.

    Head over heels on two wheels.

    Photo courtesy of Petar Milošević

    Commuter Crush: Bicycling Head Over Heels (in a Bad Way)

    What’s the first thing a bicyclist might do after getting hit by a car? This guy asked a cute girl for her phone number.

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