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Arlington County: Wilson and Washington Boulevard Intersection Improvements (Clarendon Circle)

(News Release: January 24, 2019)—

The shaded areas in this map will be under construction from Dec. 26, 2018, through April 2019. This timeline is weather dependent and could be adjusted if there are delays during the winter months.

Once this phase of the project is complete, the sidewalks will be wider in a large section of the intersection. Our goal is to construct these areas in time to allow businesses to have outdoor seating during the spring and summer months.

Some turning restrictions will be in place during this next phase of construction. These temporary restrictions will include:

  • No Left Turn from northbound Wilson Boulevard to North Irving Street
  • No Left Turn from northbound Wilson Boulevard to westbound Washington Boulevard
  • No Left Turn from southbound Wilson Boulevard to eastbound Washington Boulevard
  • No Left Turn from westbound Washington Boulevard to southbound Wilson Boulevard

“No Left Turn” restriction on eastbound Washington Boulevard

During the initial phases of construction, the left turn from eastbound Washington Boulevard to Clarendon Boulevard is prohibited. This restriction will be in place through summer 2019.

The following options are available for reaching Clarendon Boulevard from Washington Boulevard:

  • Turn right on southbound North Kirkwood Road, which turns into 10th Street North. From 10th Street turn left on Wilson Boulevard, and continue straight onto Clarendon Boulevard (red route on map below)
  • Stay on Washington Boulevard, crossing Wilson and Clarendon Boulevards, and turn left on North Highland Street. Then turn right onto Clarendon Boulevard (green route on map below)

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